Builders Bulletin - Summer 2017 Issue
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Products Included in the sale:

Stock TimberTech Decking & Railing:

  • Twin Finish
  • Earthwood Evolutions Legacy, Tropical & Terrain collections
  • Radiance Rail
  • Radiance Rail Express
  • CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners
  • TOPLoc Color Match Fasteners
  • Cortex Concealed Fastening System
  • DeckLites

Stock Azek Decking & Railing:

  • Vintage Collection Decking
  • Harvest Collection (Slate Gray only)
  • Trademark Rail
  • Premier Rail


A Proactive Approach to Safety

A Proactive Approach to Safety

OSHA inspections are unexpected, and can be costly. There are many useful tools to prepare you for an inspection and to facilitate success:

Recommended practices for Safety & Health programs in construction can be found at (search construction guidelines) or and

A proactive approach to health and safety can prevent injuries, increase regulatory compliance, reduce costs (absenteeism, turnover, fines, and insurance premiums), and increase productivity.

Tips for Success:

  • Make safety a top priority
  • Lead by example
  • Have a system to report hazards
  • Require mandatory safety training
  • Inspect sites regularly (conditions may change)
  • Solicit feedback and ideas
  • Put safety controls in place
  • Make safety visible
  • Make timely improvements

At RBS we take a proactive approach to safety. This has helped to foster a safe workplace with low turnover and reduced costs.




Unmatched fire resilience

ROXUL® Inc.’s insulation lineup is made from stone wool based on one of nature's most abundant resources - volcanic rock. Fire resistant up to 2150℉, ROXUL products have naturally occurring and unmatched fire resilience qualities, remaining stable when exposed to burning hot flames and maintaining a building’s structure to buy added time for residents to get to safety. ROXUL acts as an effective fire barrier in its multiple protection applications on structural steel members and hot industrial process pipes and ducts, between rooms and roof spaces, and as a core for sandwich panel constructions. Riverhead Building Supply’s stock includes ROXUL COMFORTBATT®, COMFORTBOARD 80 and SAFE’n’SOUND®, each of these products possesses excellent thermal properties and protect buildings against unwanted noise and fire.


Flak Jacket® Protection

Flak Jacket® protection is a durable, factory-applied intumescent coating used to enhance the fire resistance of the industry’s leading I-joist brand, TJI®. The coating is applied in a factory with stringent quality controls ensuring a permanent, water-resistant bond to the TJI® joists and reliable performance when exposed to high temperatures. TJI® joist with Flak Jacket® protection has been tested and evaluated to meet the IRC R501.3 (2012) and R302.13 (2015) fire protection requirements for finished basements in one- and two-family homes — without the addition of gypsum or sprinklers. This product does not require special tools, training or orientation, as it uses standard hangers for quick and smooth installation. When building codes change, keep your cool under fire, and rely on the quality, cost-efficiency, and innovation of TJI Joist with Flak Jacket® Protection.

XP National Gypsum

Gold Bond® Brand SoundBreak®XP®

A new approach in noise reduction is represented by a new kind of acoustically enhanced gypsum board introduced by National Gypsum. Gold Bond brand SoundBreak®XP® Gypsum Board incorporates a sound-dampening viscoelastic polymer sandwiched between two layers of high-density gypsum board. The polymer absorbs and dissipates noise-producing vibrational energy by converting it into negligible heat. This product can be used alone or in conjunction with other sound reduction strategies for higher STC ratings. 5/8" SoundBreak XP gypsum board features a fire-resistant Type X core and is UL classified. It resists the growth of mold when tested in accordance with ASTM D3273 with the best possible score of 10. Heavy abrasion resistant paper provides greater resistance to surface abuse and indentation when tested in accordance with ASTM C1629.


SoundSense LV-1 Barrier

Without proper acoustic treatment, sound can easily be transmitted through floors, walls and ceilings, resulting in lack of privacy, interruptions or even sleep disturbance. The SoundSense LV-1 Barrier is a low cost, high performance, non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl noise barrier that will meet your project’s needs. This flexible barrier is frequently used in gypsum wall constructions to substantially reduce the transmission of airborne noise from common sources such as conversational speech, TV and Media audio, or mechanical equipment. When utilized within a floor assembly or above a ceiling, LV-1 is effective at decreasing the transmission of noise to vertically adjacent spaces.


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