Anthony Forest Engineered Lumber Power Beams Sold at Riverhead Building Supply
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Anthony Power Beams & Other Products

The Anthony Forest Products Company is a leader in the forest products industry.  The company produces southern pine lumber, wood chips, and engineered wood laminate products and utilizes advanced manufacturing processes that enable the end-product to fully optimize the raw material.

Riverhead Building Supply is proud to offer the popular Anthony Power Beam.  This competitively priced, glued laminated beam and header is an exceptional choice for window, door and garage door headers, roof ridge beams and commercial beams and purlins – anywhere where reliable engineered wood applications are required.

To inquire about using Anthony Forest Products for your next project, contact us or call us today at 1-800-378-3650 (New York), 1-800-874-9500 (Rhode Island).  Find out how easy it is to Build Smarter. Build Better.

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