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Fencing Supplies for Lattice Fencing, Safety Fencing & More

Fencing materials and accessories for beauty, safety, and privacy

Riverhead Building Supply stocks and sells a number of fencing supplies for the contractor or homeowner.  These products range from decorative lattice fence sections to safety fencing for construction sites to finishing touches for the landscape.  Here are some of the fencing materials and accessories you will find at Riverhead Building Supply locations on Long Island and in Rhode Island:

Lattice fence sections and accessories

Lattice fencing adds beauty and privacy/semi-privacy to any landscape. Riverhead Building Supply has 4’ X 8’ sections of square or diagonal pattern lattice in a variety of materials:

  • White Permalatt vinyl lattice (colors available by special order)
  • Clear cedar privacy lattice
  • Pressure treated lattice

We also offer a large selection of vinyl and cedar accessories for lattice fence panels.

#1 Spruce stockade sections - 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ H X 8’ W

Our spruce stockade is #1 spruce for a better appearance and fewer knots.  Built with three cross members, all ¾” thick, for added stability and durability.  Many of the stockade fences you see will have support only at the top and bottom of the section; ours has an additional support in the middle.

Rustic split rail fence

Locust 2 and 3 hole line, corner or end posts - Locust is an exceptionally durable wood for posts and can be put in the ground without fear of rotting.  Use it with our 11’ hardwood rails to create a rustic fence.

Orange safety fence - Lightweight fencing for use around construction sites, in 4’ X 50’ or 4’ X 100’ rolls

4” x 4” and 6” x 6” posts - Pressure treated for ground contact, or cedar

4” X 6” pressure treated - For posts or landscaping

Snow fence - Options include natural and red, 4’ x 50’ rolls

Silt fence - A temporary fence used on construction sites to protect other areas from runoff, available in 100’ rolls

Deer fence - 7.5’ H X 100’

Deer and rabbit repellant - Qt.

Chicken wire, turkey wire - 50’ rolls available in various heights: 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’

Hardware cloth - 50’ rolls in several heights, or available 3’ X 5’ rolls

Additional fencing supplies, tools and accessories:

Metal fence posts - 6’, 8’ and 10’ heights

2” X 2” pointed wood stakes - 5’ height (often used with snow fence)

Fence post driver

Fence staples

Gate hardware - Hinges, latches, safety latches

Sakrete mixes - Find out what you need, and how much - visit our YouTube channel for helpful videos.

Post caps and sleeves

Post hole digger

Screws, lag bolts, washers, nuts

If you have any questions about our fencing supplies and accessories, contact us or call us today at 1-800-378-3650 (New York), 1-800-874-9500 (Rhode Island).  Find out how easy it is to Build Smarter. Build Better.