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Cottage Kitchens

Cottage-style kitchens reflect character and charm

Cottage kitchens bring a touch of the past into your home. This popular kitchen style blends informal elegance with modern touches and smart use of space.

Fresh and bright cottage kitchens can make you feel like you are in the country or by the sea, even if you are in the middle of the city. White cabinets, wood floors, colorful accents, and vintage-look details are just a few of the elements that will create a comfortable, cozy and quintessentially cottage-style kitchen.

Images of cottage kitchen designs by Riverhead Building Supply

Riverhead Building Supply rose to the challenge to create a beautiful cottage-style kitchen that had limited wall space for upper storage. This chef- and family-friendly kitchen features Medallion Platinum Inset Oasis door style cabinets in White Icing and Emtek oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware. The kitchen was designed to include additional seating at the kitchen countertop, an island with refrigerator drawers, and space for a pantry, refrigerator, and microwave/convection oven. The white cabinetry and the homeowners’ blue accents complement and enhance the bright, open and airy waterfront setting.

Look to Riverhead Building Supply to help you create the cottage kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today at 1-800-378-3650 (New York), 1-800-874-9500 (Rhode Island). Find out how easy it is to Build Smarter. Build Better.